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Earn Substantial profits, be your own boss, control your future and change lives in the BOOMING vaping industry with an Advanced Vapor store franchise today!

With yearly sales of over $2 billion and no real signs of slowing down, the e-cig industry presents huge opportunities for business owners and investors. One of the most promising chances for capturing this booming market is through franchising.


For those searching for an entry point into the e-cig industry, opening an Advanced Vapor franchise shop is a promising opportunity. Advanced Vapor’s strong leadership, interactive store layouts, e-cigarette products, and the e-liquid blends we sell makes us one of the most innovative and promising franchises in the e-cigs world.


CEO James “Butch” Vaughn has decades of experience in business ownership, marketing and business growth. “We’ve grown from one store in January of 2014 to now 7 locations to serve you. We are excited for other folks to live their dream of owning their own business in a very rewarding industry.”


Over the next few years, competition in the marketplace for electronic cigarette products will continue to increase. E-cigs were only a niche product at inception, but they have been rapidly moving into the mainstream. This means one thing: The number of people looking to capitalize on this booming business is growing.


For entrepreneurs seeking to secure a spot in the lucrative e-cigarette industry, franchising through Advanced Vapor offers many unique advantages sure to help secure a strong customer base.

• We have a personal dedication to help our clients “try before you buy” which makes us a big hit with our customers.

• We use a variety of manufactures to ensure we get a variety of good products for our clients to choose from.

• We work to try new products monthly so our stock is always evolving with our customers.


On the business and administrative end, Advanced Vapor offers extensive support for storeowners in line with their dedication to success. We help our business owners find the perfect spot for their business and are in constant contact to ensure they feel supported and experience success.


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If you are looking for a better opportunity to be a business owner and be a part of marketing and exciting new product, please contact James “Butch” Vaughan at 740-817-0854.

Waverly Advanced Vapor Owner, Susan Ripley


“I opened my Advanced Vapor store in May, 2014, and it’s been an awesome experience!  The reason I was interested in opening a vapor store was to help smokers to become smoke-free by offering a better alternative to tobacco.  The reason I chose Advanced Vapor specifically was due to the way that they treat their customers, which consistently set them apart from other shops.  The difference with Advanced Vapor was they actually talked to me and educated me on everything I needed to know about vaping. They took the time to answer my questions and always made me feel welcome.  Butch and his staff were always friendly, personable, and knowledgeable, which I had found to be lacking at many vape shops. Because of my experience as a customer with Advanced, I wanted my own shop to share these common values of personalized, friendly, and attentive service, as well as offering the highest quality products at reasonable prices to my customers.  As an Advanced Vapor Franchise Owner, there is nothing more rewarding for me than to have a customer come in and tell me how long it’s been since they’ve smoked and to see the pride they feel with this accomplishment. To hear their stories of quitting and how much better they feel is amazing. It’s wonderful to be your own boss, and especially to know that the business you’re running helps people live better!”

Westerville Advanced Vapor Owner, Jared Blinksy


“From a customer to a franchisee the support and backing that I have got from the advanced vapor family is superb. After 26 years in the restaurant industry switching to the vapor industry The future has never seemed so bright.”


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