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Widely Varying Ways That Make or Break the Beginning of a Great Vaping Adventure

Chances are if you found this article, you are considering using a personal vaporizerinstead of tobacco cigarettes. The team at Advanced Vapor in Central Ohio is prepared to help you one on one with this venture and we pride ourselves in our service. We are your “try before you buy” headquarters for vaping in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding suburbs. However, if you want to do a little research or you need a little more information before you get started, we hope you find the below information helpful.


Vaping doesn’t have to be a complicated process, but does take a bit of familiarization to become a normal part of everyday lifestyles. Contrary to popular belief, learning to vape a little more difficult than smoking tobacco cigarettes that take one flick of a Bic to start inhaling whatever carcinogenic taste may tickle one’s fancy.


You’ve also undoubtedly found efforts to research various vaping products via online sources nothing but futile exercises that waste valuable time and energy. Far worse, you might even believe this website is looking to mislead visitors with high-pressure sales tactics. We answer via a solemn pledge to state everything in simplest possible terms so that anyone can understand everything they need to learn for proper vaping. Consider getting an education on the following items when you get started vaping.



All e-cig batteries are just handheld units that must be periodically recharged and integrate an electronic component called an atomizer that instantly activates with the brief push of a small button. Like all other batteries you’ve used all your life, bigger sizes have correspondingly higher voltage capacity, which means longer usage between each recharge. The spec used to gauge relative e-cig battery life is expressed as “mAh.” Common e-cig battery mAh capacities are 150, 650, 1100 and 1300 mAh. Of higher mAh capacity means proportionally higher initial price, but greater long-term value. This is true because you can get more satisfaction from vaping than aggravation during frequent waits for smaller e-cig batteries to recharge.


Variable voltage e-cig batteries offer varying levels of value

Some e-cig batteries have a flat circular base that users can rotate to adjust voltage output, which in turn controls the level of heat required to fire up the atomizer. The higher voltage level, the hotter the atomizer becomes, thus the greater flavor and ‘throat hit’ the user will get upon inhaling vaporized e-liquid fumes.


Pass by other brands to passthrough e-cig batteries

Passthrough batteries are built for simultaneous charging and vaping pleasure. Such units have small rectangular openings at the base where a USB charger may be plugged in while the user vapes through its opposite end.




E-cig atomizers are best imagined as small tanks designed to contain e-liquid that produces the vapor that vapers love so much. Atomizers come in assorted colors, designs and storage capacities. The single most vital e-cig atomizer spec is structural integrity. The last thing in the world that any newbie or seasoned vaper wants is a leaky e-liquid atomizer that ruins their battery’s delicate internal electronic circuitry.



Finally, we get to the good stuff, folks. E-liquid exists in a wide variety of flavors with various levels of nicotine strength. Available flavors are far too numerous to list here or anywhere else, for that matter. However, standard nicotine content is typically expressed as either ‘mg’ or relative percentage. For instance, 2.4 percent is the highest nicotine content available via most legit e-liquid vendors that may label the same product as ’24 mg.’


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