Personal Vaping 101 (Personal Vaporizer)

Personal Vaping 101 in Waverly Ohio

personal vaporizer is a device that is electronically powered which allows people to breathe in nicotine by means of a solution that is vaporized. It is more popularly known as an electronic cigarette. These e-cigarettes have seen an explosion in popularity over the past decade. They serve as an alternative for people who want their fix of nicotine, but do not want to smoke tobacco products. Our team here in Waverly Ohio are your “try before you buy” experts of Southern Ohio, so stop by or call today to get started or get back on track!

What are the parts of a personal vaporizer?

A personal vaporizer usually consists of three parts:

1. The cartridge (this is where the liquid is stored)
2. The atomizer (this is where the heating element is located)
3. The power source (normally a wire that gets power from a USB port or a battery)

Note: There are some models that combine the cartridge and the atomizer into a single unit. These are called cartomizers.


Can a personal vaporizer help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes?

The answer to this question is yes. When personal vaporizers first hit the market, the general consensus was these devices were going to be a great tool to help millions of people quit smoking. They can help people quit if that is on their personal agenda. The addiction to nicotine can be managed by your personal preference as you use your vaporizer. There are different levels of nicotine available in the eliquids, so based on how serious you are about quitting, you can work with a member of the Advanced Vapor staff on what is a good fit for you.
There was a study conducted in England in May 2014 that provided some positive news regarding a personal vaporizer’s ability to help a person stop smoking traditional cigarettes. The study indicated 60 percent of people who tried to quit smoking had a better chance of succeeding by using a personal vaporizer than people who tried to quit by using nicotine gum or a nicotine patch. This means that personal vaporizers have proven to be an effective method to quit smoking that is just as good as, if not superior to, nicotine replacement therapy.


Control the nicotine

One of the reasons personal vaporizers are helpful to people who are trying to quit smoking is the fact they allow a person to control their nicotine intake. The cartridges of liquid are available with many different levels of nicotine. This enables people to slowly wean themselves off nicotine by gradually reducing the level of nicotine in the liquid cartridges they use. While this still requires willpower, it does make the process of quitting considerably easier. Ask a member of our team today for some assistance to have the best experience possible with a personal vaporizer. We are here to help!

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